Visitor Guidelines

What to do before the exhibition

  • Find out the basics - the exhibition dates, timings and location
  • Find out who will be there - a list of exhibition will be a available closer to the event date
  • Think about what you want out of the exhibition - Information, Advice and Ideas
  • Decide who you want to speak to and find out where their stand is
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask
  • Prepare and update your CV
  • Make a list of features and activities you wish to attend at Careers UAE

What to do at the exhibition

  • Have a look at the exhibition floor plan/Mark on it the stands you want to visit
  • Register your attendance with your National ID
  • Consult your list - take the time to find out everything you need to know
  • Take notes of anything important and copies of any relevant information
  • Look around - maybe there are other opportunities you've not yet considered
  • Remember that the exhibition is not only a place to submit CV's or find job immediately but also an opportunity to educate yourself
  • Ask for summer job opportunities or work placements/internships
  • Remember: Maybe you will need more than one visit to get all your questions answered

What to do after the exhibitions

  • Follow up on any contacts or organisations you need to get in touch with for more information or to send your application to
  • Use what you've learnt to make decisions and plan ahead
  • Visit your university's career centre for advice on the next steps