Project You


Learn and Upscale Your Skillset with Project You

Bridging the gap between you and the real world through various workshops and activities, like a win-win negotiations workshop, storytelling through public speaking, coping with uncertain situations and more.

Workshop topics

20th September Tuesday 21st September Wednesday 22nd September Thursday
Win-win negotiations
Learn how to communicate to come to a mutually beneficial solution. Participate in an exciting activity where you and your partner are forced to negotiate with the opposing team
Coping with uncertainty
Explore the idea of resilience and how to deal with difficult and changing environments. Participate in the Castle activity where you have to continuously adapt to changing circumstances!
Public Speaking and Presentation
Learn how to use various public speaking skills and techniques to present yourself in front of an audience. Learn how to use your tone and body language to engage with the audience and make them pay close attention to you.
The Art of Storytelling
Learn how to captivate the hearts of your audience with one of the most powerful tools human beings can use: Stories. Understand the art of storytelling and how to deliver your story to inspire others.
How to maintain discipline
Adapt principles and ideas that will make you more disciplined and allow you to achieve your long term goals. Evaluate the differences between self-control and self discipline.
Building Good Habits
Understand how habits work with the habit loop and use that understanding to replace bad habits with good habits and establish keystone habits that can be used to impact your life in the long term - From "The Power of Habit" by Charles Duhigg.

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