New recruitment app to boost Emiratisation plan

Falek Tayyeb platform aims to streamline job-search process for UAE citizens

A new recruitment app is to be launched next month to help boost the country's Emiratisation drive.

The Falek Tayyeb platform will connect local talent to opportunities in the UAE and streamline the job-search process for citizens.

It will also ensure Emiratis can easily find and apply for roles that match their skills and career goals.

TASC Outsourcing, a staffing and human resources solutions company, launched the app on Monday at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre and said it was a first for the region and was directly aligned with the UAE's Nafis programme.

"This dedicated job-search platform will offer an exclusive channel to enter the UAE's dynamic work environment," said TASC founder and chief executive Mahesh Shahdadpuri.

We're a step closer to fulfilling our promise to UAE nationals, helping them connect with their dream jobs in their own country
Mahesh Shahdadpuri, TASC founder and chief executive
"With Falek Tayyeb, we're a step closer to fulfilling our promise to UAE nationals, helping them connect with their dream jobs in their own country.

"It was time we took the lead and created the first-ever platform and application, a dedicated, reliable source of recruiting locals for organisations, and a job search for Emiratis that is successfully aligned with the UAE government's Emiratisation goals."

The app is integrated with ChatGPT and helps users to create and update their CVs, as well as providing Emiratis with opportunities to enhance their professional and personal growth.

Organisations will also be able to display job openings specifically for Emirati talent, helping to develop a more direct connection with professionals in the UAE.

Citizens will be able to download the app in early December from the App Store or Google Store, with users required to register so they can find employment opportunities in the UAE.

The launch follows a survey by TASC that found 77 per cent of Emiratis preferred job portals and websites for employment searches.

It also revealed a growing dissatisfaction with current salaries among Emiratis, indicating a divide between job seekers and the available opportunities.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is leading a nationwide push to increase the participation of citizens in the private sector, which is viewed as a major driver of the economy.

Source: The National